Tick Tick Bloom

Rose HandHere’s some pretty, bright floral nail art to kick off what I’m hoping will be a warm, melty weekend. Despite the flakes that continue to fall every few days, there’s a definite hint of Spring in the air, and I’m really looking forward to getting out onto my balcony this gardening season and swiftly killing another rose (I can grow an actual fruit-producing raspberry bush on my balcony, but not a rose – go figure) as opposed to just killing it with roses on my nails! Still, given my aversion to the great outdoors – even the concrete-encased version one step off my livingroom – and the fact that winter won’t really be over for at least another month, perhaps I should stick to the lacquered variety of gardening for the time being.

I’m biased, of course, but I think these floral nails are pretty great. They look like a fabulous duvet I really need to own. I’m also pleased to note that my rose game has gotten much better. I used to regularly churn out these blobby things I referred to as rose-oids, but these could actually pass for flowers! Well done, me.Rose Fingers

11 thoughts on “Tick Tick Bloom

    • Hey, thank you! No, not the biggest fan of nature – I’m one of those ultra pale and pasty types that wilts under the sun. Also, every stupid moment in my life happened while, say, camping! But I love (balcony) gardening – it’s such a challenge, and super rewarding (except when the aphids descend, and then I want to take a blowtorch to everything.) I’d love to see photos of yours when it gets up and running this year. 🙂

      • Haha that is a shame!

        For sure! This year I’m going the whole (well probably the half) hog as I’m in a new house and have a new garden space. However! There technically is no ‘garden’ its all decking so again, a challenge in itself! So keen to get started but the weather is still so bad!

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