Champagne Supernova

Champagne Supernova CollageI happen to think this multichrome flakie polish, ILNP’s Supernova, looks best over darker colours, but I couldn’t let the opportunity to make a sweet Oasis joke just pass me by when I had this beautiful, champagne-hued polish, KB Shimmer’s In Bare Form, just sitting there waiting for precisely this moment. What can I say; my stash has excellent comedic timing.

A small word about Oasis. One of my all time favourite bands. Until I saw them live. They were awful. So awful, I have been reduced to speaking only in clipped, authoritative sentence fragments. It was a really bad show, in no small part owing to the brothers Gallagher looking like they were about two seconds from throwing down, which turned out to be a weirdly prophetic thought, as two days later the band broke up for what indeed seems to be for good. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, having never seen Oasis perform on, say, television, but I guarantee you it was more than the lackadaisical, pompous little dandies that paraded around on stage in front of me. Or not, because they barely moved. Only Liam – ostensibly their lead singer, the charisma man – would periodically saunter to the front of the stage and then point at pretty girls in the audience, miming the ringy-ding motion, setting up his booty calls for later on, I suppose. And they were loud, SO LOUD. Sonic, all-encompassing and totally devoid of any true feeling or connection. A huge letdown. And guys? I have seen some hella sketchy live shows. Those are all stories for another day (about 100 stories – I have been to a lot of concerts) but let’s put it this way – Oasis ranks higher on the Suck-o-Meter than Hole, a show I actually walked out on halfway through because I had gotten heat stroke earlier in the day and just couldn’t deal with Courtney Love’s crazed, pantsless banshee wailing. Seriously, someone get that woman some underpants and a monitor that actually allows her to hear herself.Champagne Supernova Fingers

5 thoughts on “Champagne Supernova

    • Yeah, I’m a pretty firm believer in the whole one good show can change your life kind of thing, so I was extra miffed that one of the bands on my live music bucket list was total shiiiiittte. It didn’t totally kill my love for them – All Around the World is amazing and Wonderwall’s the best song that never stops playing on the ’90s channels and Live Forever needs to live forever – but it was close. Pompous little weenies, man!

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