16 Candles For My 600th Post

Sixteen Candles HandAnd also so I can talk about the movie Sixteen Candles, because I love it. But mostly in celebration of my 600th post! As always, hitting this milestone feels pretty great, and I wouldn’t be here – 700 or so manicures and about eight kabillion words later – if you weren’t kind enough to stop by and read my ramblings in the first place, so many thanks for your continued support and interest. 🙂

Now back to Sixteen Candles. The best John Hughes movie. Pretty in Pink is sad and mean, The Breakfast Club is depressing and Weird Science is just weird. That leaves Sixteen Candles, the ultimate ’80s party movie, which also happens to include a ridiculous(ly quotable) Asian stereotype, a high school dance, a massive house party and a wedding in which the bride is tripping balls on muscle relaxers. And a lot of other shenanigans in a teen movie that would never pass muster today with the ratings boards. It’s basically ’80s movie gold. Heeeeyyyy, sexy girlfriiiiiieeeeeeennnnnddd!

7 thoughts on “16 Candles For My 600th Post

    • Why, thank you very much! But a lack of things to say has never been a problem for me – it’s easier to post all the time when you’re kind of a loudmouth in the first place. 😉

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