Green and Gold

Green and Gold HandGetting a jump on my St. Patrick’s Day nail art with this green and gold manicure I actually did a couple of weeks ago, which is quite fitting, as I’ve been having some troubles as of late with the whole time-space continuum thing and keep thinking it’s two months later than it actually is. No, really – today I attempted to invite my parents and grandmother to lunch at my home this coming Sunday for Mother’s Day until my mom reminded me – with a great deal of puzzled concern in her voice – that Sunday is not Mother’s Day as we know it in North America with the flowers and the tea and the brunch, but Mothering Sunday, a religious holiday celebrated by both Protestant Christians and Catholics in the UK. So right sentiment, wrong continent. This discovery is kind of a good news/bad news sort of thing – good news in that I haven’t lost two months of my life, bad news that I’m kind of an idiot!

But the good news here is that these glittery nails are still pretty dope, and super appropriate for this coming St. Patrick’s Day. Here I combined Ruby Wing’s mega glitzy gold-to-red UV colour changer, Strawberry Shortcake, with Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s green and gold holo glitter, There’s No Place Like Home. Very gilded leprechaun.Green and Gold Collage

7 thoughts on “Green and Gold

  1. Wait what? The polish changes colour in the sun? Have I totally mis-read this… Love those big chunky green spots, but looks absolutely hellish to remove. Also, I’m in Scotland and your mums right by the fact it’s a religious celebration, however I’m not religious so for me it’s all about taking my mum out for lunch and giving her flowers too!

    • My mom seriously thought I had flipped my lid. Like, “Did we move to the UK and not realize it?” Although we’re Canadian, and she said when she was a kid, her church had a Mothering Day service every year. I really like any event where you get to eat little sandwiches, though, so it’s all good with me…just in a couple of months!

      And yes, that polish is a UV-based colour-changer that goes from gold indoors to bright, raspberry red outside – that picture actually shows it after it’s cooled off a bit, so it’s not at its full redness. And it moves FAST – I did some bottle shots, and the part of the bottle against my hand where the sun didn’t shine was gold and just a strip in the front was bright red. It took seconds.

      This is pretty old now – it was probably the first swatchy-type thing I did – and the photo’s not so great, but this will give you the idea:

      • Haha I like all the flowers that end up going for cheap on the Monday after they brought in too much stock for the Sunday. What a cheapskate ae! That is crazy, what a cool polish!

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