Shamrock Shake It, Don’t Break It

Shamrock Shake HandSeeing as my water marble manis invariably wind up looking like I just plain old *lost* my marbles, I thought I’d use that bit of wisdom to my advantage and go with the abstract flow, a decision that resulted in these creamy, dreamy, super swirly Shamrock Shake-inspired nails. And because I’m powerless to resist the lure of putting cutesie faces on foodstuffs on my nails, I’ve got a wee little shake on my ring finger getting down with hiz bad self. I particularly like how he’s staring at his own butt – it’s very Cameron Diaz dancing in her super hero undies in Charlie’s Angels.


5 thoughts on “Shamrock Shake It, Don’t Break It

  1. Oh no, sorry, my bad! Not that you use food colouring – that it would *look* like a strip of un-blended food colouring in the shake. Holy cats, using actual food colouring would be pretty horrible. You’d NEVER get it off! Green-tinged fingers until the end of time.

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