Bunny Butts

Bunny ButtsThe start of a new month means another set of challenge prompts from the fine ladies of N.A.I.L., and these fluffy little rabbit posteriors are my contribution to week one’s theme of Easter. Five weeks has April, and so there are five themes this go-round, encompassing seasonal (and rhyming!) picks like April showers and Spring flowers. I don’t actually do a whole lot of floral nail art, so it will be nice to stretch my polished legs a bit and maybe try out a fun new design. Which is the whole point of the Nail Art Ideas Linkup, so I’d say April is off to a pretty great start already!Naillinkup-april-2015

10 thoughts on “Bunny Butts

  1. I’m already planning for the Spring Showers theme 💅 My biggest challenge is going to be the Ombré, I have tried & tried & watched tutorials, & I can’t seem to get the hang of it to save my life! 😣

    • You know, the whole ombre look doesn’t have to be a gradient (like, with a sponge) on each nail. It can also be a mani where, say, your thumb is black-purple, your index finger is dark purple, your middle finger is a medium toned purple (and on, getting paler as you go along.) I think as long as you’re using different tones of one colour, that’s the ombre look. Good luck!

      • I didn’t think of that lol, might try that if the whole gradient thing flops again 😊

  2. I love these bunny butts! SUCH a cute idea! The polish is really pretty too 🙂 I’m doing this nail art challenge too! Well..I’m trying! 😀

    • Thank you! So much easier than bunny fronts. 🙂 And keep on challenging – it actually gets easier the more you do it. I “flunked” out of just about every challenge I tried last year, but I’ve been keeping pace since last fall, so progress!

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