Magical Mystery Polish

MMT CollageHey, would you look at that – it’s Friday evening already. Huh, that kind of crept up on me! So in honour of the weekend that has appeared seemingly out of nowhere, let’s gaze upon this drop dead gorgeous polish I received today in a bit of pre-birthday nail mail, Enchanted Polish’s Magical Mystery Tour. This holographic multichrome stunner from Enchanted’s Beatles-themed collection is a polish I have passed by time and time again come the mythical “Enchanted hour” (those incredibly rare, unicorn sighting-like moments when you actually manage to snag one of these polishes in a restock; Magical Mystery indeed, the mystery being how to get your hands on one.) I’ve always found other uses for my Enchanted mad money (Octopus’s Garden and Across the Universe, two other polishes from the Beatles collection, are two of my favourite and most-used lacquers, so it’s not money ill spent.) But when Magical Mystery Tour recently appeared in a Nail Polish Canada restock, I thought it high time I finally snap up a bottle.

And I am so very glad I did, because it is sublime! What a gorgeous colour (or should I say colours, plural?) The shift in this multichrome is bonkers, bouncing all over the place from dark teal and turquoise to indigo and fuchsia, with the whole stunning rainbow tempered by a dainty dash of holo shimmer. It is so beyond pretty. I hope that’s a useful description for you, by the way – “beyond.” But Magical Mystery Tour really stands head and shoulders above even Octopus’s Garden and Across the Universe; it’s that lovely. So glad I finally added this beauty to my stash. Magical Mystery solved!Side FingersHand

12 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Polish

    • It is totally that kind of polish. Like, don’t drive or operate any kind of heavy machinery-style! And thank you very much for the follow – always lovely to see a new face around. 🙂

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