Daredevil FingersAre you watching it? You should be watching it. Hell(‘s Kitchen), I should be watching it. Right now! Mr. Finger Candy binge-watched it pretty much the instant Netflix made it available for streaming, and I watched enough here and there to get me interested in settling in for a good old binge of my own. Daredevil’s my kind of superhero – neither super nor a hero, just one righteously pissed off dude on a mission (see also the Punisher, Batman and, to a lesser extent, the Crow – sure, he’s brought back to life through supernatural means, but for one very specific purpose, and the second he goes off script, he suffers. Again. Because the life and death of Eric Draven can’t be anything but endless friggin’ suffering. I mean, have you heard the man’s “music”? Tortured and torturous.)

But to bring it back to Daredevil, the Marvel television show currently airing on Netflix, one of my favourite things about it so far is the show’s opening credits sequence. There’s just some supremely cool graphics work at play, as thick, viscous-looking ropes of dark red fluid stream over top of landmark buildings and locations in the Daredevil Universe, running down off the screen. This show is bloody, so that fluid is most likely actual blood that Daredevil has bludgeoned out of some hapless underworld type, although it could also be rubber, like his super suit. Or it’s what blind lawyer Matt Murdock, Daredevil’s daytime alter ego, sees after losing most of his eyesight as a child in a chemical accident (why is there always some vat of acid just laying around all unattended in the super worlds?) I actually think it might be Daredevil’s sense of ennui come to thick, smothering life – brother’s so beat-down, he makes Batman look like a ray of sunshine in a pink party dress.

These nails, a red-on-red, shiny-on-matte mani, are inspired by Daredevil’s badass credits sequence. Here I topped three coats of Dollish Polish’s You’ve Got Red On You with one coat of Essie’s Matte About You before brushing on the shiny dripping lines with a tiny detail brush dipped in L’Oreal’s dark red Now You See Me. Plus a whole load of aggravating cleanup, because bloody red is just a total jerk to work with, something I think both nail artists and Daredevil can attest to!Daredevil Hand

8 thoughts on “Daredevil

    • I’m not really a body girl when it comes to what I notice in men (forearms excepted – nicely shaped forearms are pretty great) but Charlie Cox, the guy who plays Daredevil, has a super fabulous bum. He looks really hot all beaten up and bloodied, too!

  1. Yahhhssss!!!! We have watched thru ep 7 so far. It’s really good and watchable (unlike Gotham, sorry, didn’t make it past ep 2)…good cast/casting! I do love the opening credits, so creative, excellent inspiration for a mani. The mani turned out so cool, just right to remind you of the show!

    We also watch Arrow and The Flash, which I think The Flash being kind of a spin off is even better than Arrow (more likeable cast/characters). Not superhero so much, but we also like iZombie. Dude, so many shows, so little time!!!

    • Ha, I think there are a lot of people that are comparing Daredevil and Gotham – unfairly, I think, as the general vibes of the two could not be further apart – and finding Gotham a bit lacking. I’ve never watched – it looked sort of goofy, and I like my super stuff on the darker side (even though I really love Ben Mackenzie from the OC.) My husband’s into Arrow, but he hasn’t seen any of the Flash, I don’t think. I’m looking forward to settling in for a good binge!

      Arathael, do you have a blog that I could subscribe to? I was trying to find your details, but being a non-WordPresser (shame, shame!) I could find none. If you’ve got a link, link ‘er up! I’d love to see your space if you’ve got one. šŸ™‚

      • See that is so sweet of you to ask! I don’t have a blog, though I have so many polishes I should have one! It would be a great excuse. Maybe someday? I don’t really use any social media either other than Pinterest, you can find me there under “Arathael Jones”. Originally I started capturing my NP collection there, which is a job that never ends. I also have two boards of 2014 and 2015 nail polish collections that I am pretty proud of, though I am updating less obsesively/frequently now…Bloglovin had contributed to my laziness in allowing me to save posts into collections, so I just updat periodically on Pinterest now…

      • You should! Come over to the dark (blogging) side! Although I love Pinterest, it can get sort of repetitive, and do I really need more recipes for desserts involving Cool Whip? Well, okay, maybe, but the point stands – it can get sort of samey posting to Pinterest. Although that won’t stop me from swinging by and following your boards shortly. šŸ™‚

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