Blame Canada!

Dream On Bottle 1For your inability to get this stunning lacquer, Enchanted Polish’s holographic Dream On, anywhere but Canada, as it’s a Nail Polish Canada exclusive. I was initially sort of on the fence about this purchase, which – confession time – I mostly made because it’s a limited edition, exclusive polish. Which is really sort of lame, for all the obvious reasons, but also because I’ve already got a purple holo – an Enchanted purple holo, no less! – in my stash and didn’t really see the need for a second. But me of little faith, I really need to stop doubting Enchanted’s flawless products (I suppose one flaw might be their higher-than-average price point, but for rock solid quality in a polish this gorgeous, I’m okay with that) because they are truly flawless, and Dream On is no exception.

Okay, so in this particular instance I might be a bit confused by the name and colour of this polish – Dream On, and a heathered, dusty purple – as neither exactly screams “Canada!” to me. Unless it’s “Dream On, ya hoser, if you thought this polish was going to be called Beaver Brown or Timmy’s Red. Don’t stereotype, eh?” Which is always a lesson worth reinforcing, even if you’re only talking about nail polish.

Ding dang, y’all:Dream On Collage

And not too shabby in the shade either:Dream On Fingers

8 thoughts on “Blame Canada!

  1. Hilarious post….

    Hey I admit I am a sucker for anything labeled limited edition, exclusive, V/HTF, etc…ugh. Soooo many nail polish purchases stem from that. I don’t really regret it though! I have a lot of awesome polishes because I got lucky or was willing to pay up.

    Speaking of Enchanted…I got my first/only ones back when Llarowe sold their last batch of them, when announcement of restock of Enchanted would bring down the store site. I have literally never even opened the boxes!! Much less swatched or worn them! Yet I have no intention of selling them! I am a little nuts..

    What other Enchanted purple holo do you have, hmmm? ๐Ÿ˜€ The fact I never got Awesomeness and misseditbythatmuch once, led to me giving myself permission to snatch up pretty much any other purple holo or V/HTF (so that’s how that happened). At this point I feel like I have a few purple holos that come close to Awesomeness, so I don’t worry about it anymore…

    • I just went and looked up Awesomeness, because I had never heard of it…oh my, it’s VERY awesome. Enchanted’s purples (all their polishes, actually) are amazing. I kind of swore I wasn’t going to buy into their whole limited edition cache marketing thingamagig, but I have anyways – I’m powerless in the face of their polishes. Let’s see, I’ve got Octopus’s Garden, a sort of purple/indigo multichrome and Kids, a pale lavender holo multichrome wonder…January 2105 is a deep, eggplant-coloured holo that was a mystery buy (yeah, I’m doing that this year, and so far it’s pretty bitchin’) and then this one, Dream On.

      Don’t apologize for not opening them up either – they’re dang expensive polishes, and if you just want to stare at them, that’s totally your prerogative! It’s their own stupid fault anyways for looking so pretty in their bottles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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