Abstract (Nail) Art

Abstract HandI have NO idea what’s going on here! Is that an animal print? Or maybe amoebas? Or the pattern on a tufted ottoman I saw last week? More importantly, do I care? Not really, actually, because I think I’m sort of in love, even if I don’t quite know what I’m in love with. Allover patterns are a favourite, and it’s refreshing to see the crisp colour combination of red, white and blue in a non-patriotic application. Plus I got to use a polish that I really did purchase accidentally (I thought I had clicked on its page neighbour) and now love unconditionally, Contrary Polish’s shimmery red jelly, Beach Blanket. Out in the sun it does the typical juicy, squishy jelly thing, but in lower lighting its purple shimmer adds a gorgeous, but subtle, hit of spotted visual interest that elevates Beach Blanket from an unfortunate mis-click to an absolute must-have.Beach Blanket Bottle

2 thoughts on “Abstract (Nail) Art

  1. I vote amoebas, I’d already decided that before reading the word.

    This reminds me I still need to try my one Contrary, it is 18th and Vine. I normally don’t go for red, especially not this tone, but I do like the other stuff going on in the polish, which is so Contrary…

    • Contrary polishes are amazing – the formulas are so great (very jellyish; they apply like a dream.) Yup, and they’re totally amoebas. Little colourful cells just bumpin’ along, doing their thang.

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