The Dairy-Air

Holstein HandDon’t forget to drink your milk! Unless you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, in which case, don’t forget to drink your soy/nut/rice milk!

But on the subject of regular old cow’s milk, oh, how I love it. Mind you, I’m nothing like Mr. Finger Candy, who once very impressively consumed three and a quarter litres of milk in a little under 12 hours. I practice moderation with my milk – a glass here, a glass there. I’m not slugging the stuff back. Although it’s also my go-to middle-of-the-night thirst quencher (particularly if I’ve consumed a little or, occasionally, a lot of alcohol, a practice a former roommate with a sensitive tummy found particularly disgusting) and if ever there’s a time for bolting back a litre of icy cold milk in 30 seconds or less, it’s definitely standing half-asleep in front of the fridge at two in the morning.

2 thoughts on “The Dairy-Air

  1. Ahhhh fond memories of college…my morning after (not really a hangover cure exactly, but hangover ritual?) was a bowl of cereal, like Cheerios, and milk.

    I recently tried to re-live a childhood cereal love….Dino Pebbles. I bought dehydrated marshmallows from Amazon and had them with (lots and lots of) cereal…so addicting!!

    • That’s good hangover food in my books – sugar and milk (seriously, my old roommate is STILL gagging!) Weirdly enough, I have never been a sugary cereal kind of person. I’ve always preferred bran-y type things and other good-for-you cereals. It’s so weird, because it’s a principle (?) I don’t apply to anything else I eat. Dino Pebbles sound pretty great, though!

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