Blue Velvet

May 2015 BottleSaving the best for last, this is Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquer for May 2015. Like both March and April, May is a shimmer-infused holographic beauty, this time in a rich, lush, almost textured-looking indigo blue. I actually call this kind of pure, primary blue “superhero blue” – can’t you picture Spidey or Superman or Captain Ass America wearing this colour? They do wear this colour, although perhaps not in a rainbow holographic finish. πŸ˜‰

Compared to its mystery order-mates, icy pastels both, May 2015 is intensely hued, and positively packed with blue shimmer and gorgeous linear rainbows. The blue-on-blue shimmer in particular adds a rich depth to this polish that makes it look ever so slightly textured, although it dries to Enchanted’s always-flawless satin eggshell finish, just as they all do. Vibrant blues like this one do have the unfortunate habit of staining, however, and this one proved to be no exception. A coat or two of a good base coat (and a steady hand when applying) will keep any staining to an absolute minimum, so you can get back to the serious business of admiring exactly how beautiful May 2015’s rainbows look dancing away on your fingertips. A lovely final pick for this latest round of monthly mystery buys.May 2015 CollageMay 2015 Sun Bottle


4 thoughts on “Blue Velvet

  1. Oooh oooh ooh!!! You said Captain Ass! Do you share my dislike of Cap/Chris Evans? Or maybe you like his bum. I can’t explain why I dislike him. Not like I know him.

    By the way, they should have a superhero in holographic blue, or whatever color!

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