Enchanté: An Enchanted Polish Mystery Buy Review

Enchanted BottlesAs we near the halfway point of the year, I thought it would be a useful exercise to assess the “Should you buy it?”-ness of the only monthly polish purchase “program” I participate in, Enchanted Polish’s monthly mystery buys. Fans of continuity probably won’t like coming into something nearly mid-way through the year, but for anybody interested in the remainder of 2015 or even next year’s collection, there’s a lot here to love.

For starters, it’s not a monthly program or subscription service at all. Rather, you pre-order, sight unseen, a polish corresponding to each month of the year. The mystery of what will arrive in your mailbox in four to six weeks is what keeps this non-program program fun, although the lack of subscription fees and monthly deliveries of useless, unwanted items are nice touches, both. And on the subject of fees, the first five months of the year have so far been split into two orders, one for January and February and one for March, April and May, which cuts down on pesky shipping charges. The polishes retail for the same amount as all of Enchanted’s lacquers (a not-insubstantial $16 US), which I understand can be a deterrent to purchase, particularly when the choice of colour and finish is not yours to make. One small downside to consider. Sticklers for continuity may also, as I mentioned, not wish to jump into the year with five months’ of mysteries already unraveled. To each their own.

But! If you don’t mind Enchanted calling a few of the shots for you, I’d absolutely recommend opting in to this fun monthly experience. It goes without saying (even though here I am saying it) that Enchanted’s formulations are perfection – solid two-coaters that flow onto the nail smoothly and evenly – so no worries there. Their holographic finishes are particularly lovely, so how very fortuitous that the first five polishes of the year have been rainbow-throwing holos. Of the mystery colours themselves, one of them I adore (February, a rich, rose red), two of them I feel quite passionately about (January and May, a dark eggplant and a superhero blue, respectively) and two I like well enough to use in nail art, but maybe not everyday wear (March and April, an icy green and even icier grey that regrettably give me a wicked case of corpse hands.) And it’s such a small, silly, seemingly inconsequential thing, but have you seen the pretty holographic boxes they come in? They’re such good boxes, if you, like me, are wowed by paper products and pretty, shiny things, particularly pretty, shiny things made of paper products.Enchanted Boxes

Best of all, it’s nice getting a little treat every month that’s expected and desired, but also a little unknown. And the snobby side of me won’t lie either – that limited edition, one-time-only caché can have a powerful pull indeed. All the same, I really like what Enchanted has done with these mystery buys so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for 2015. Count me in ’til the end.Enchanted 1 CollageEnchanted 2 Collage


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