Hulk Smash!

Hulk HandComing at you with another theme park-inspired manicure, this time a bit of nail art honouring the Hulk roller coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventures in Orlando, Florida. Since its opening in 1999, the park’s skyline has been dominated by the graceful green bends of the Hulk’s towering superstructure, a twisted mass of neon green steel that propels riders up and down its twists and turns at speeds of up to 108 km/hour. Like its superhero namesake, it is a beast of a ride, the likes of which I fear my now-middle age stomach and gag reflex can no longer handle. Really, just the thought of strapping myself in and hurtling around for two minutes at 4 Gs is enough to make me feel a bit queasy. Oh, the ravages of encroaching old age! It’s not enough that we get wrinkles and are perpetually tired and everything hurts all the damn time, but now we can’t even purposefully try to make ourselves sick without actually getting sick? What bullshit is this?! πŸ˜‰Hulk Fingers

6 thoughts on “Hulk Smash!

  1. Awesome nails! I was at Universal in February and I went on the hulk TWICE! The first time my brother joined me (my dad skipped out all together) but he couldn’t handle the second round. I loved it!

    • Thank you! It’s such a great ride – the launch was completely unexpected – but I seriously don’t think my body could take its abuses any more. It’s so intense – can’t blame your dad for skipping out (mine never did roller coasters – any roller coasters – either.)

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