Disney Girl Challenge: Morbid Maids

HM Maid HandSurprise to absolutely no one, but I adore the Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Mansion plays into a number of my fantasies, including my ideal home and job; had I my druthers, I’d move in and be working there as a disgruntled maid by the end of the day. The Disney cast members who play the maids and butlers at the Haunted Mansion are an especially dour lot (you’d be, too, if you had to clean up after 999 happy haunts) and combined with the locale and the uniform, it’s pretty much a perfect fit. But life sometimes does not permit running away to live in a theme park attraction, and so in lieu of that particular dream, I thought I’d try out another Haunted Mansion nail art design, this time the maids’ starched, black and green striped dresses, including the tiny bats that adorn their ruffled caps. Foolish mortal? I think not!

5 thoughts on “Disney Girl Challenge: Morbid Maids

    • Hey, so am I – I’m Canadian! I used to go all the time as a kid with my parents on family vacations, and that’s where my husband and I went on our honeymoon. Haven’t been in ages, though, which is sooooo vexing. I’d highly recommend going once, just to see if it’s something you think you’d like.

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