Lavenderly Lovely: A Then and Now Post

Lavenderly Lovely HandLast year, for the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge, the ladies of N.A.I.L. set lavender as one of the daily themes. Lavender is indeed lovely (gourmand lavender scents, like lavender pound cake, are some of my favourites) so I can’t blame them for coming at it again, this time as week four’s theme in May’s nearly-finished Nail Art Challenge. This is especially great news for me, because it gives me a chance to redo the lavender nails I submitted last time, which were awful. No, really (see below.) I even remember thinking at the time that I had whiffed it, and I could have done so much better.

So I did! This time with the help of some of my holographic friends, including three Enchanted polishes (deep eggplant February 2015, dusky purple Dream On and pale lilac Time to Pretend.) As nail artists and nail polish aficionados, I think we sometimes hoard our holographic polishes for special occasion manis, but with their built-in shading and highlighting, they’re perfect for detail work, like these tiny lavender buds. Ahhh, MUCH better.Late Lavender

10 thoughts on “Lavenderly Lovely: A Then and Now Post

    • Thank you, Abigail! The nude holo base is KB Shimmer’s In Bare Form and the three purples are Enchanted Polish’s February 2015 (the dark purple on my two middle fingers and thumb), Dream On (the mid-toned purple on all my fingers) and Time To Pretend (the light purple.) No glitter, just lots of holo goodness.

  1. Nice!! But you eat lavender flavored stuff? Doesn’t usually come to mind as edible…but I don’t like almond flavor either, even though I love it as a bath and body products scent…

    • Yes, you can eat it, and it’s a really yummy little addition to things like lemonade (you make a simple syrup infused with lavender) and baked goods (really, lavender pound cake is scrumptious and smells amazing.) But herbal lavender, like the fresh green stuff (or dried), not, like, laundry-type lavender like you’d find in a sachet in somebody’s underwear drawer! It just adds a nice little unidentifiable floral touch to certain things (lavender garlic chicken is one I’ve been meaning to try, but is that a bridge too far?)

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