See? Monsters!

Meet Cute HandI wish there was a tad less glare on this photo, because I think it’s obstructing my “Loch Ness Monsters meet cute” design. Blasted sun! What’re you good for anyways? 😉

But really, how random would it be to be cruising around some loch in Scotland, thinking you’re THE Nessie, only to run across another? I’m guessing very. And probably true love, even if the first words they exchanged were the unimaginative “Hi” and the even less imaginative “Hey.” And yes, I’m talking about Loch Ness Monsters. Talking Loch Ness Monsters. Because go big or go home, right?

11 thoughts on “See? Monsters!

    • Thank you! I actually had this post titled as something else initially, and then about an hour afterwards I was painting some furniture, of all things, when I suddenly screamed, “Sea monsters! SEE? MONSTERS!” out loud all to myself and then ran to the computer to change it.

  1. Hahahah at the title I didn’t pay attention at first.

    So when the green and purple Nessies have a baby Nessie, what color will it be?

    • I like the way you think! It’s only vaguely related, but I play the Sims, and I always make them screwed up, non-normal skin colours like turquoise and blue. So I’ve got this mint green fairy married to a blue genie, and they have a million kids, because I keep trying to tinker with their combined colours (which show up on the kids.) So it’s not weird at all that you’re asking about the Nessies, because I wonder what colour they’d be, too! Probably a dingy kind of brown with those two colours mixing, unfortunately. 😦

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