Dream a Little Dream

Dream BottleSometimes you don’t need to say much about a nail polish, because its extra lovely qualities speak plainly for themselves. This polish, the exquisitely beautiful holographic Dream from Liquid Sky Lacquer, a completely new-to-me indie manufacturer, is just such a polish. And I’m an extra lucky girl, because I received this stunner from an Internet friend as a gift really “just because” – her generosity (and excellent taste!) make it that much lovelier. 🙂

Gahhhhh, look at that holo! Wuh oh, I’m doing that thing again where I’m mesmerized by my nails; I once referred to it as “acting like Nailcissus” (the oft-forgotten god of nail lacquer.) But Dream is just so phenomenally pretty, and I can’t get enough of its gorgeous, blue-tinged silver holo speckled with tiny metallic blue flakies.Dream Sun Collage

Dream is not just another pretty face, though; the consistency of this polish is wonderful, thin and easily controllable, but fully opaque in two light coats. Wear-wise, Dream definitely lives up to its name, surviving the painting of four mirror frames, one half wall and four shelves, and a two hour, chemical-laden deep clean of the bathroom without a chip, smudge or snag. Fantastic!

Fret not if you don’t have a thoughtful friend through which to get your Liquid Sky fix, however – Carolyn, the proprietess of Liquid Sky Lacquer, sells her wares both through her site (closed at the moment, but due to reopen on May 31st) and Harlow & Co.Dream No Label Bottle

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