Flower Power

Flower Power HandThis lazy daisy-ish design (“Dude, daisies are white and yellow,” said everybody ever) is one of my favourite high impact, low effort nail art tricks. There’s not much to these nails – base colour, a few dots and some quickly brushed on petals – but this design always proves to be a most popular one. I was actually just discussing this with a fellow blogger the other day, the odd, inverse relationship between the amount of time you spend on a manicure and general interest. I’ve found more often than not that my marathon manis – those two or three-hour events that use every polish in my collection and could rival the Sistine Chapel in detail – are less well received than the ones I “dashed” off in under an hour. I think it’s because people like seeing nail art that they could conceivably do themselves, like dots, gradients and simple flowers. I know before I did 700-some-odd manicures, I used to get quite discouraged looking at the mini masterpieces other nail artists would do – it seemed like I was NEVER going to get there. And I’m still not there. But I will be one day, and it all will have started with something simple, as nearly all good things do.

7 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. So cute! I think one other reason why people respond to more simple nail art, too, is that too much detail can be overwhelming. I had a coworker that would do very intricate details on her nails. It was impressive, for sure, but unless you can stare at them for awhile, I feel that you can’t appreciate all of the details.

    • Excellent point. I’ve done that myself – looked at somebody’s super intricate nails and thought, “Huh, I have no idea where to look first.” Also, sometimes it’s just nice to keep things plain and simple! πŸ™‚

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