Polished Pucci

Pucci Print HandThe late Emilio Pucci was the long-time head of Italian fashion house Pucci, a brand that specialized – still does, actually – in super bright geometric and abstract prints. I’ve never owned any pieces myself, but a girl can admire from afar. The thing I love about Pucci is it’s organized chaos – sure, there’s eight different colours on that one skirt alone, but everything is properly in its place, aided in large part by the outlining in Pucci’s prints that keeps everything looking sharp and clear and tidily within its lines.

This manicure is a great example of nail art that began in one place and wound up in another altogether, with unexpectedly pleasant results. I was actually on my way to some stitched-type nails, but once I drew on the black outlining, I found I quite liked the crisp and colourful design sans stitches, and so for once I let ‘er be! I really love the trio of colours I used in this manicure, a quite Pucci-esque combination of lime green, neon turquoise and grape purple that looks superb and summery outlined in stark black. Now just put this design on an A-line dress (or shoes; yeeessss, shoes!) and we’re all set. Or I’m all set.


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