Dippin Dots (OMD3)

Dippin Dots HandI actually have no idea what Dippin Dots taste or look like beyond plastic and plastic? They’re those little ice cream-oid frozen balls you can buy in the States, right? I’ve never consumed such an animal, although the concept sounds horrifyingly delightful, like frozen Fruity Pebbles (as in rainbow coloured and bearing a taste and texture not of this world.)

This dotted pond manicure is my entry towards day six’s theme of polka dots in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Challenge. You’d be correct in noting that I’m jumping around the board a little bit, tackling yesterday’s theme when I’ve yet to do either the day prior, or today’s! But such is the drama of a 31 day challenge, correct? Correct!Dippin Dots Fingers

4 thoughts on “Dippin Dots (OMD3)

    • And? Are they the weirdest things ever? Because they certainly look it.

      You should try the pond mani thing sometime – totally easy, just kind of time consuming because you really have to wait for the details to dry in between coats so they don’t smudge everywhere.

  1. any tips on how to make sure each layer is dry first? I’ve never been patient enough, each attempt gets worse than the last! LOL

    • Oh geez, as Tom Petty said, way-ay-ting is the har-dest part, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Short of just sitting there like a lump while you wait for infinity coats of nail polish to dry, which is my preferred MO, you could also take a second look at the polish you’re using – some jellies stay soft and squishy seemingly forever. For this mani I used a jelly from Nfu Oh, and it dried down quite nicely and didn’t drag the white dots off either. Or, if you’re not averse to a bit of waste and having 20 coats of polish on your nails, you could also apply a topcoat in between the layers. I’ve also found that pond manis work best with a darker coloured jelly. I made a huge mess out of one just like this one time that I did in pale lavender. But darker(er) reds, greens, blues? No problem – they seem to have enough pigment that you only have to swipe on one coat to get the right effect.

      Woah, holy cow – end of lecture!

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