Shrinking (Holo) Heads (OMD3)

Head Shrinker HandMy good friend glitter was the name of the game (or the theme of the game) for day seven in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge. I decided to go with one of my favourite types of nail art, a simple glitter-and-gradient, but I dressed it up a bit with two shimmery holographic polishes and a super fun glittery topper. For the gradients, reversed on my middle and ring fingers, I used Enchanted Polish’s lavender holo, Time to Pretend, and their mint-hued mystery pick for March 2015. But in keeping with the glittery theme, the real star of the show here is Whimsical Idea by Pam’s Head Shrinker, a matte grey and silver holo-speckled topper studded with tiny little black skulls and crossbones. Cute and creepy!Head Shrinker Bottle

4 thoughts on “Shrinking (Holo) Heads (OMD3)

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