Glitter Melons (OMD3)

Watermelon Hand

Watermelon, day 12’s theme in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge, is a design I have done to death (actually, as recently as last week, when I did watermelon wedges for the prompt of V-shaped.) It’s a classic for a very good reason (also the first bit of nail art I ever did, just a little over two years ago.) But that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten a bit tired of painting the juicy little buggers, and quite frankly, I thought I had run out of melony inspiration, especially in light of some of the awesomely creative designs already posted by the other challenge participants.

But it seems there might be a bit of fuel left in the tank, and so I decided to take the humble watermelon design in a totally different direction, deconstructing it and breaking it down into a series of stripes and dots featuring two of my favourite KB Shimmer glitter bombs, dark green Get Clover It and Hawaiian-Punch-for-your-nails, Belle of the Mall. I like the buttoned down details as set against the juiciest of my glitter jellies. Fun, simple and something just a tiny little bit different.

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