Seaweed (OMD3)

Seaweed Hand

Under the sea, you say? Well, what about on top of the sea? Does that count? I certainly hope so, as these super glitzy seaweed nails are my entry towards day 23’s theme of under the sea in the Oh Mon Dieu Nail Art Challenge.

I adore the base polish I used here as my sea, Smitten Polish’s Glacial Springs. It has acted as the gorgeous, glittering stand-in for water in more of my designs than I can count, and it works for nearly every type of water at that, from tropical lagoons to the iced turquoise waters of the Arctic. Here I topped Glacial Springs with some very random tangles of lacquered seaweed in a couple of different shades of grass green and gold before topping it off with one coat of shine-enhancing Seche Vite. Quite ritzy for a slimy water plant we all prefer to sidestep (or possibly eat, but in an entirely different context!)

Seaweed Fingers

10 thoughts on “Seaweed (OMD3)

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  2. Nice color combo and design! I am tempted to try now but I think I will admire your interpretation for this look instead. 😀

    • Well, while I’m NEVER one to turn down admiration – thank you! – these were so easy, you really ought to try them. The beauty of picking something as inspiration that’s a bit all over the place (like sloppy old seaweed) is that when your design is also kind of all over the place, you can just be like, “Nuh uh, not my fault – that’s just the way it looks.” 🙂

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