Blue Icee

Get Your Number Collage

Here’s an older polish I’ve heaped praise on in the past, OPI’s Liquid Sand in Get Your Number from one of the Mariah Carey collections (!!) I LOVE this textured polish (have in the past cited it as a prime example of Nailcissism, a very real affliction wherein you’re so blinded by the beauty of your nails, you’re aware of literally nothing else) and my nails were looking extra super fly, and so I thought I’d treat Get Your Number to the proper swatching treatment it has always deserved.

Looking every bit like a glittery, frosty blue Icee, Get Your Number is a super lush aqua blue jelly stuffed with silver holographic glitter. In terms of this matte, textured polish’s texture, it’s very fine, very light – the lowest gauge of sandpaper has more grit. Perhaps owing to the jelly base, this polish also has a ton of depth, and the plentiful silver glitter sparkles prettily from beneath multiple light coats (here I used three.) Gorgeous!

But removal? Was a snaggy pain. It always is with textured polishes, unless you peel your polish off, which I think I’m supposed to chastise you about? Or I would unless I didn’t also peel my polish. Oops.

Get Your Number fingers


8 thoughts on “Blue Icee

    • Me too. It’s the perfect mix of turquoise and a mid-toned blue, plus it looks all crunchy-frosty like a Slurpee. I’m not super fond of textured polishes in general, but this one’s a big exception.

  1. This is one I got early in my polish obsession that started in early 2013. Love this one!

    I have been using the UNT peel off base that I got from It works quite well, maybe too well. I would apply in evening, and first put a L’Oreal texture over it, no top coat. It was peeling the followng afternoon. Took it all off and reapplied UNT peel off base with UNT jelly base glitter and top coat, same result. 3rd try was with a Sally Hansen CSM called Summerlime. It stayed on for two or three days before lifting. A couple nails wild not really peel at all. Go figure!

    • This was one of my earlier finds, too, and I really thought I was never in a million years going to use it, let alone actually like it. I’ve never tried one of those peel-off bases for polish because I really am quite adept at picking. 😦

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