Pink Peony

June 2015 Shade Bottle

Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquers for the months of June, July and August came in today, and I’m delighted to report that the summer kicks off in fine fashion, AT LAST, with a pink! Not that I mind all the blues (of which there are now two) or the purples (same), but I’m glad to finally see a cherry pink holo in their midst.

Like most holos, June 2015 can look like two or three different polishes at once depending on the quality of the light. Under direct light, June 2015 is a warm, salmon pink shot through with gorgeous linear rainbows. But outside, in natural, indirect light, this polish is THE perfect peony pink – light and sweet without veering too far into frosted bubblegum territory. I love it! And like every Enchanted Polish I own, June 2015 applies beautifully and dries down to a gorgeous, satin eggshell finish I typically gloss over with a coat of Seche Vite, but ought to just leave the heck alone going forward.

June 2015 Shade fingersJune 2015 Potlights Collage


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