Grape Pop

August 2015 Potlights Bottle

Ka-chow, this is more like it, Enchanted! I’m sorry we ever squabbled. Now just keep making polishes that look like this one and we’ll be five by five.

This is Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for August 2015, a perfectly purple, grape-hued holo that is my favourite of the entire mystery buy “program” to date. I adore these kind of super flattering grapey purples; had a beloved turtleneck sweater from the Gap in university, actually, that fit like a dream and was this exact shade of grape milkshake. But aside from the nostalgia factor, August 2015 is just a straight up gorgeous polish, with one of the most pronounced holo effects of any of my lacquers. And like all of the mystery buys thus far, August is sprinkled with a sweet little hit of shimmer – this time blue – that makes it look almost textured in indirect light. Application, as always, was a breeze, as Enchanted’s formulations are never anything but rock solid. All in all, a MOST fine way to end the summer.

August 2015 Potlights FingersAugust 2015 Shade Collage

And in case you were curious as to how August 2015 looks topped with one coat of Enchanted’s iridescent glitter topper, Freeze Machine, the answer is great. It looks great. 🙂

August Freeze Collage

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