Icy Blue

July 2015 Bottle

Yesterday I showed off a polish that I think resembles a blue Icee, but today I’m featuring a polish that’s just plain old icy blue. This is Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for July 2015, a frosty blue holo stuffed with fine, champagne-hued shimmer. It’s a beautiful colour, particularly in the sunshine where it is SUBLIME – the kind of golden-tinged pastel I most associate with the opulent fabrics of Versailles – but not one I’d ever chose myself. For one, these delicately lovely, but wishy washy, colours tend to give me a wicked case of what I call “corpse hands.” It’s an unfortunate affliction of the melanomally challenged nail artist.

But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, this type of icy, muted colour is one that Enchanted has done three times now during 2015’s run of mystery buys. March and April were both ultra pale, grey-toned pastels (mint green and actual grey, respectively) and now this frosty pastel, which is the exact colour of my parents’ bedroom walls. Where it looks gorgeous, of course. I just wish Enchanted would find a new track to carry us through the end of 2015, because these colour selections are kind of bumming me out.

July 2015 Shade Bottle

But bumming me out in the very best way, because these polishes are still friggin’ beautiful. I mean, look at July 2015 here in the light of this evening’s sunset. See all those sparkly rainbow smudges? That’s actually in focus! July 2015 really does look like that, with each colour of the holographic rainbow perfectly outlined, sparkle by sparkle. It’s SO pretty (just maybe a bit derivative.)

July 2015 Sun Fingers


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