Kill Your Television


That’s the title of a Ned’s Atomic Dustbin song (“Who?!?” said everyone ever.) That being said, you should probably not kill your television. We are not-so arguably in the golden age of TV, and I suspect you’ll be needing it. Funnily enough, that heyday is the very thing that has driven me from watching television nearly altogether – there’s simply too much choice, and some of the fandoms that have sprung up around mega popular shows like Sherlock and Game of Thrones are frightening in their intensity. Every year I “discover” a (not at all) new show and fall hopelessly in love for however long it takes to work my way through the story (see The Wire and, more recently, Misfits), but by and large I shy away from new television.

Anyhow, I had the idea to do these TV-type nails, a simple colour blocking affair, but I had no idea what those coloured lines were called. So I optimistically typed “television lines” into Google, and guess what? That’s what they’re really called! Well, they’re actually called Lines of Horizontal Resolution, but how snotty is that? I like the low tech simplicity of “television lines” so much better! Plus they look pretty fine adorning my nails.

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