Sunday Night Sprinkles


These nails are so much fun! Tell me again why don’t I matte all the manicures? Matte topcoats, like Essie’s Matte About You, the topcoat I used for these nails, dry down to a beautiful, chalkboard-like finish that lend even the most basic of manicures a little something special. For these Sunday night specials, I topped a baby pink creme polish with two coats of Polish Me Silly’s Freckles, a neon glitter topper stuffed with razor thin, rainbow-coloured hexes. Freckles is delicate enough that it always looks as though it’s embedded in the base polish, with Matte About You giving the whole works a delicate, eggshell-type softness. As the final finishing touch, I dropped a single pastel stud onto each one of my nails, nestling them against my cuticles. Mmmm, sprinkles!


13 thoughts on “Sunday Night Sprinkles

  1. It looks edible and is making me crave something sugary sweet….

    I so rarely use any of my matte top coats. I find it tough to bring myself to not have a shiny finish. Plus I rely on top coat not only to quick dry everything, but also even out any application issues I may experience or cause to myself.

    • Oh man, my topcoat is such a pill – it just wants to dry out, and it’s all gloppy in the bottle. Plus, if you move it around too much, it develops these odd little white dots in it that wind up on your pristine black manicure and make you want to Hulk smash everything in sight. So I bought a new one yesterday from Zoya – that will hopefully save my furniture. Otherwise, I’m totally Team Shiny. Except when I’m not. πŸ™‚

      • What, you’re not like me with a dozen bottles of top coat open, all half used to just this side of gloopy? I need to put thinner in them all again….I have a big bottle of Seche Restore. But so much easier to open a fresh bottle… πŸ˜€

      • Oh no, I do that, too, although I really try to use up as much as I can in each bottle, usually to the detriment of those later manicures. I’ve got a bottle of Seche Restore actually on its way to me right now, so I’ll be hoping for it to work some magic.

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