End of Summer Carnival


When I was a kid, there was no more bittersweet joy than welcoming the Exhibition to town, a Canada-wide touring carnival whose presence in my city for the final few weeks of August always signaled the end of summer and the start of another school year. The Exhibition was kind of a big deal for my friends and I – lots of attractions to ride, lots of mini donuts to consume, and then when we got a bit older, lots of concerts to attend, lots of boys to flirt with. I have so many great memories of mucking about the Ex with my parents, childhood friends, boyfriends, baby-sitting charges, besties and random strangers alike – it was all-inclusive fun, so long as your idea of fun is having your best friend yak her chocolate custard cone all over your knapsack two seconds after stepping off the Pirate Ship (true story!)

All this carnival talk springs from the polish I chose to accent these simple, summery racing stripe nails, Candy Lacquer’s pastel matte glitter topper, Carnival Games. Carnival Games is one of my favourite polishes, and despite looking like it’s just a bit too much of absolutely everything, it’s actually THE perfect mix of pastel and mid-toned matte glitter in triangles, circles, hexes, stars, rings and micro dots. Here I’ve paired it with another favourite, OPI’s No Room for the Blues, my go-to shade of cerulean and a fantastic polish in its own right – I use it as the background for so much of my nail art because it flows onto the nail beautifully and self-levels like a champ. No fuss, no muss, which is exactly the frame of mind you should be in come carnival time.


10 thoughts on “End of Summer Carnival

  1. I kinda got stuck on The concept of a chocolate custard cone for awhile ….

    Then I got to thinking about triangle glitter in polishes – have I ever seen that before!?

    You have such thought provoking posts. My mind is blown.

    • The triangle glitter thing had a bit of a moment last year, and then it kind of disappeared. I have a pink flamingo-esque glitter polish that has little blue triangles in it – they look like shark fins.

      And thank you – I aim to provoke thoughts! I like it when people think! πŸ˜‰

      • Shark fin polish sounds awesome. Grey base, blue triangles? Or the reverse, blue base for water, grey triangles for shark fins. And some red glitter of some shape (chum?)…


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