The Hospitality Pineapple


The (nearly) all-holo edition. Pineapples are the fruit of hospitality (which begs the question, what’s the weed of hospitality, or the fungus, or the root vegetable?) although this manicure was anything but hospitable to me during its creation. Some days your mojo just flips you off before up and departing, and I fear today was just such a day. Shame, too, since these were my very first attempt at pineapple nails. Two years of nail art, approximately 300 food-centric manis, a quarter of which deal with fruit, predominantly strawberries and watermelons, and yet no pineapples. Weird.

For these mostly holo nails, I used a handful of my favourite Cirque polishes, including grass green Panacea, golden Chyrsopoeia and cherry pink Powwow, accented by Smitten Polish’s dark brown Seasonal Lattes.


5 thoughts on “The Hospitality Pineapple

  1. I was going to comment on this the other day, but I got distracted looking up this hospitality fruit thing (seriously!)….

    • Ha, that’s awesome! I love going off on tangents where I suddenly find myself in front of my computer with four browser windows open, all of them on Wikipedia looking up, I don’t know, everything I can find on Guy Fawkes Night (true story!)

      • I do that stuff all the time. I read how Tom Hiddleston is playing Hank Williams on a movie so I had to go read up on Hank (and his son and grandson). Then I turned on the tv Sarurday and watched the end of that James Brown movie, so looked him up. My Wikipedia app search history is weird. It starts with Montgomery Clift for some reason, and I don’t really remember why…

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