Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset Collage

This is Desert Sunset, another lovely holographic beauty from Enchanted Polish, and my pick for best transitional lacquer to take you from summer’s last hurrah to pumpkin spice season (sorry, Fall! I think that’s what we used to call it, right?) What gives Desert Sunset its multi-season versatility is the hot pink shimmer that runs throughout its holo depths – that shimmer plays off against the orange base, and depending on the quality of the light at any given moment, it can make the polish look a little peachy…or maybe melony. Also sort of pumpkiny. So at least three seasons’ worth of fruit right there! So a little more bang for your buck if you prefer to polish by the season (I don’t; it’s pretty much the Wild West of polishing around these parts.)


As always, all the usual greats about Enchanted’s products apply to Desert Sunset – easy peasy application, smooth eggshell finish, quick dry and terrific holo effect (although I almost always prefer holographic polishes in the shade; they show so much more depth and visual interest that way.)


Nicest of all, Enchanted recently seems to have revamped some of their more outdated e-tail practices, opening up this really wonderful brand to a wider audience of nail polish aficionado. Mad dashes to the cash (what some people refer to as “the Hunger Games of shopping”) have been replaced by pre-announced pre-orders. Everything is very orderly and cordial and refreshingly NORMAL – just the exchange of money for goods and/or services, and I freaking love it. To sign up for Enchanted’s newsletter, which will alert you to any upcoming launches or pre-orders, you can pay a visit to their site here.


6 thoughts on “Desert Sunset

  1. Pink shimmer makes everything better. I have a severe hate for orange, this almost makes it tolerable for me to look at!! :O It’s a miracle!?

    So I did actually participate in the most recent Enchanted pre-order. It was where there was a pink, blue, purple and holo glitter topper. I just got the purple and holo glitter.

    You know what would happen if I bought one of the mystery colors. Orange would happen.

    • Hey, those are the two I got as well! I’m super excited for the purple one, and not just because its name is dope (jam.) And you’re right, if you had participated, you’d get the orange, or, like, dog poo brown. It’s just how it goes. I’ve reconciled myself to a few duds over the year, which is good, because there have been a few duds – not so fond of all the icy pastel colours. So you’d get orange and I’d get the pastels, for sure.

      • LOLA dog poo brown…but it’d be holo, right? So SPARKLY dog poo brown.

        Like the time my dogs ate a bag of peanut butter Hershey’s kisses, wrappers and all! That was like fools gold poop for awhile 😀

      • Oh, dogs – is there anything they won’t eat? My childhood Cocker Spaniel, Boo, ate a pumpkin when I was a kid. My grandfather found her in the field, this bloated-up Spaniel lying half inside the pumpkin she had half eaten.

        Not to worry, though, she was fine – but kind of an idiot!

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