Set in Stone


I think this polish, Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush in Glitz Gal, looks like granite. Feels a bit like granite, too. The Gem Crush polishes aren’t designated as textured polishes per se, but the diamond dust-type micro glitter that makes up its base does have a feel, particularly once you get into multiple layers like the three I’ve shown here. A coat or two of Seche Vite will smooth that out in a jiffy, and enhance Glitz Gal’s silver holographic glitter at the same time. That’s when it really looks like stonework, or the way the pavement glitters after a summer storm. And then, as the final finishing touch, I added a tough-looking silver spiked charm from Daily Charme to my ring finger for a mani that really rocks. Or just looks like rocks.


2 thoughts on “Set in Stone

  1. Pretty sweet polish, I need to see if I have any of these, I think so, but SH has sooo many bottle shapes… And yet I think this one was used for multiple lines. I get so confused.

    I dig the pointy stabby nail accessory too – just what I need!

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