Rainbow Sprinkle Pick-Me-Up

Fairyland Fingers

I’ve recently taken on a more advanced role in my ailing grandmother’s care – lots of visits, boeuf bourguignon-on-demand, sitting in on medical appointments and the like. Save for her gracious thanks, it’s rather thankless work, and so I look for anything to brighten up our visits. And seeing as my grandmother loves nail polish – said as much today as I was removing her periwinkle blue lacquer – sometimes that brightening takes the form of a fun manicure I can share with her, usually as she cringes in mock horror at the thought of going out in public sporting, like, free-handed donkeys on her nails or whatever other nail lunacy I get up to on a regular basis. Today I thought I was going to shock the heck out of her with these ultra sparkly glitter bomb nails, but she barely batted an eye. In fact, I think she rather liked them. Which just proves that being a nail polish magpie really is genetic! And that maybe the next time I see her, I’ll have to give her the serious Fairyland treatment (although it does take some of the fun out of it knowing that she also thinks it’s a pretty nice pick-me-up polish.) 😉

Fairyland Bottle

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Sprinkle Pick-Me-Up

  1. Only with peel off base! But it would be pretty on the nail and pretty after it is peeled off too!

    Sorry that your grandmother is ill, but you are so sweet to put in all the efforts to take care of her!

    • Aw, thank you for saying that – I’m trying to be a good granddaughter. 🙂

      And holy crow, yes, this polish (and all others like it) pretty well demand a peel-off base. Or you can just do what I do, and that’s actually just peel the polish off – glitters like this come off really well because they err on the dry side and always have a little free edge you can grab. Knock on wood, but I haven’t suffered any nail damage this way – I think I’d ding them up more scrubbing away at them for 15 minutes with acetone.

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