Although there are a number of students already back at school, the usual signifier of the end of summer, it is still very much leisure time around my neck of the global woods, where the kids won’t start classes for another week and a half. Fall is still a ways off, and if today’s humidity is any indication, Winter Isn’t Coming either, at least for another couple of months. Still, you’d never know it, based on the Halloween displays that have already appeared at various retail establishments, and the flood of “I’m the Queen of Halloween!” posts that have popped up all over Instagram (as if owning 350 Halloween-themed hand soaps from Bath and Body Works makes you the queen of anything except hoarding.)

I’m generally not a fan of out-of-season “holiday creep,” which makes this mani featuring two Halloween-themed China Glaze polishes that much more exceptional. But I recognize that bloggers and lacqueristas need to plan ahead, particularly during those times of the year when there’s a run on holiday-themed items, and so I thought I’d showcase at least two of this year’s Halloween polishes, a smidge on the early side.


For these fun, splattered nails, I used a trio of China Glaze polishes. I started with a base of Re-Fresh Mint, a celery-hued creme, topped with one coat of Ghoulish Glow, a glow-in-the-dark topper sold every Halloween. Before I go on, a quick word about Ghoulish Glow: It behaves very oddly. I purchased my bottle two years ago and have used it maybe five times. People who paint their nails all the time know you can hold on to a bottle for 10 years or more if you don’t use it all that often – it’s the opening and closing and contact with oils and dirt on your nails that ultimately does a polish in. Absent that interaction, a lacquer can last just about forever. Which should have been the case with Ghoulish Glow. Yet somehow, over two years of non-use, sitting upright in a dark, cool storage box, my bottle of Ghoulish Glow has depleted by about 75 percent. It has also nearly entirely lost its glow effect, which was not that strong to begin with, and if you use a topcoat, like I did with this manicure, it won’t glow at all. But I’m always hopeful that my polish mis-steps will have somehow magically righted themselves from the last botched attempt, and so I thought I’d give Ghoulish Glow another shot. It will not be a repeat purchase.


I then topped those two polishes with one coat of Ghostess with the Mostess, a purple, green, orange and black glitter topper from this year’s Ghouls’ Night Out Collection. Ghostess is pretty awesome, a not-too-vibrant collection of differently sized matte hexes in Halloween’s most popular colours. Spooky…here at the end of the summer. šŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Summerween

    • It’s awesome – a big old recommendation on this one. There are three or four glitters in the collection (black/green, black/purple, black/orange and then this one) but this one is the nicest. šŸ™‚

  1. “and the flood of ā€œIā€™m the Queen of Halloween!ā€ posts that have popped up all over Instagram (as if owning 350 Halloween-themed hand soaps from Bath and Body Works makes you the queen of anything except hoarding.)”


    I guess those special polishes that GITD or change color due to temp or UV are even less stable and will lose those properties in a relatively short period of time (like a year).

    On the other hand, sounds like my huge amount of untrieds will last due to the very fact I have too much polish! šŸ˜€

    • I have a pile of mini thermal colour-changers I bought about a year and a half ago and they’re already all pooched out – you’re right, they’re not very stable. For pretty well everything else, as long as it’s kept in a place that’s cool and dark and not exposed to the elements, it’ll go on forever. So your purple polishes may not be safe, but everything else is!

      And OH. EM. GEE., the soap/candle/nail polish hoarders, man…since joining up with Instagram, I’ve noticed some very odd shopping pathologies on display. I know a lot of people love their shopping (I used to be one of them) but they’re treating it like some sort of extreme sport. I wonder if they even enjoy the things they “collect” en masse once they get them or if it’s just the thrill of the hunt. I can’t see any other reason for having – for real – 350 hand soaps. Obviously it’s a weird bee in my bonnet!

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