Star Opal


I was swatching the base polish I used for these nails, Picture Polish’s shimmer-flecked nude, Cherish, when I thought lovely and delicate though Cherish is, it’s really kind of boring. So then I added a couple of coats of Revlon’s Moon Candy iridescent flakies in Eclipse, which I thought would give the nude base a shimmering, opalescent look. Which they did, very much so, although, parenthetically, FRUSTRATION, THY NAME IS FLAKIE! The darn things NEVER want to lie flat on the nail, even after multiple layers of a high gloss top coat, and nearly all of them have issues hardening up, another problem that trumps a quality topcoat. But pretty? SO pretty, and worth their inherent frustration, at least in the short term.


As the final, finishing touch, I dropped a gold-toned, “gemstone” encrusted star charm from Daily Charme onto my ring finger, its opalescent stones perfectly mimicking the delicate, colour-shifting flakies (which themselves occasionally flash gold, depending on the quality of the light.)


7 thoughts on “Star Opal

  1. Hey cool! I always want to put flakies on dark colors, but this turned out pretty awesome….I don’t think I have Eclipse but I have Orbit (the purple one of those Moon Candys, of course). In fact, finding that polish and looking it up in early 2013 is what led me to discovering blogs and then indie polish, and reigniting my long dormant love of polish! I haven’t worn Orbit since I bought it, though. At the time I only had some old (probably non acetone) remover, and I didn’t know about glitter removal with foil method, and I freaked out when I had a lot of trouble removing it. Soooo hilarious now!!!!!! 😀

    • Those iridescent flakies are a beast to remove – the polish goes, but they stay resolutely stuck to your nails. Flakies aren’t my favourite type of polish, but the effect is so cool. And hey, those are the two Moon Candys I’ve got, too – Orbit and Eclipse. 🙂 That’s awesome that they hooked you in. What did it for me was this kit I got from Nails Inc. that had a dark teal polish for a base and then a green/yellow/blue flakie topcoat…it behaved terribly (would not dry) until I learned that you MUST play nice with a topcoat, and then after that there were no problems…and then the minor hoarding began!

      • Ah Nails Inc for you eh!

        Yeah how is it physically possible that all the polish is all gone but the glitter is still cemented in place on the nail….life is so hard!!


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