So it would seem that when you combine a predominately red, green and white, Christmas-themed glitter topper with delicate, pastel-hued base polishes, the resulting look is very nearly always Strawberry Shortcake. As in the doll. With snowflake glitter. Which really isn’t a problem for me, as I’ve been on the hunt for a Strawberry Shortcake-type polish for a while now, and I quite like the overall look. I had actually forgotten how much red Strawberry Shortcake has in her costume (had – today’s Strawberry Shortcake is all about the hot pink.)

I think the thing I like the most about these nails, though, is that I was able to create the look without having to buy another polish. And it’s not even necessarily that I dislike the financial outlay (although who likes parting with their money?), it’s more that I’m finding that the redundancy in my polish collection is becoming a bit of an issue. I’ve never felt the need to own 13 nearly identical turquoise polishes because this one is a shimmer and that one is a holo, but that’s precisely what’s happening, just with my favourite type of lacquer, chunky glitters. And as any nail polish aficionado will tell you, while they may be fun and beautiful, mega glitters have a somewhat limited application – it’s hard to make them look like anything other than glitter bombs (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)


So when I can find a way to combine some of my existing pretties into a gorgeous Frankenstein of a manicure, I’ll take it, which is precisely what happened with this mani, in which I layered one coat of my very favourite polish, Candy Lacquer’s Candy Cane Fiesta, over, on alternating fingers, Bonita’s pale pink Sweet Ever After and China Glaze’s pale green Re-Fresh Mint.


3 thoughts on “FrankenShortcake

  1. Psh, that Shortcake and her hot pink, what a trollop now! 😀 Those dolls were so odd back in the 80s…were they maids?

    The yellow glitter is a little odd in an Xmas polish…I like this more than I don’t like it. If that makes any sense.

    I haven’t done any organization of the mani cave since the previous post where this topic came up…at least my latest order that arrived were all minis of the Zoya Flair collection. Their mini bottles are like the best!

    • You know, now that you mention it, I have NO IDEA what Strawberry Shortcake and her friends actually did. Did they have jobs? I don’t think they were maids (although they did dress like them, with the aprons and the dorky hats) but I also don’t think they were bakers or anything like that. Huh – one of those mysteries of our time, I guess! And have you seen what the new Shortcake dolls look like? Remember how she was all squat and kid-like? She’s a hot pink-and-white-and-green gazelle now, with beautiful flowing hair and gigantic, made-up eyes…makes me sad that everything has to be so “sexy” now, even kids’ toys. 😦

      Those Zoyas are awesome – lucky you! I don’t own any of their mini bottles, but they look great, like the brushes wouldn’t get totally lost in your hand like some other minis (I have a glitter jelly mini from OPI, and it’s so small, I used up nearly all of it in one four-coat mani.)

      • OHHHH right, there was the baking angle, hence the names…there was an evil villan baker? To be honest I either didn’t get it at the time or forgot…and doesn’t surprise me that they sexed up the new version of the dolls..*sigh*

        And yeah, that is why Zoya minis are good, actually useable. I just can’t with OPI minis, I mean, what the heck!? No surprise that it’d be near empty after one mani!

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