I’ve Been Framed! (31DC2015)

Framed Fingers

So it would seem that despite my deeply held personal objections to what I call “holiday creep” (ahem, every craft store ever that seems to feel it’s fine to put out their Christmas merchandise in September) I’m engaging in precisely that with these very Halloweeny, orange and black holo nails. But the orange part of the equation is not exactly my doing – I’m just following orders, specifically those of day two’s theme of orange in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.

To that end, the orange polish I chose for these simple, framed nails is KB Shimmer’s Rust No One, a favourite coral-to-pumpkin-leaning holographic that flashes a gorgeous shimmery fuchsia. I had initially thought a polka dot or ticking stripe design would fit the bill, but Rust No One is beautiful enough on its own that I barely needed to add any embellishments, save a strong, black holo frame to contain all that rainbow-speckled goodness. I really like this manicure – it looks quite sleek and grown up, as opposed to my usual “Are those donkeys on your nails?” approach to nail art. Something a little bit different from my usual, which is precisely the point in following along with this challenge!

Framed Hand


8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Framed! (31DC2015)

    • Actually, I’ve never painted donkeys on my nails – a future project perhaps?

      The dark polish is Rainbows in Space from Lilypad Lacquer. It has this awesome copper flash to it – I think it looks like that mystical road to nowhere in the Thor movies (the Bifrost? I don’t know, I barely know what’s going on with those things!)

      • Okay I expect to see donkey nail art soon πŸ˜€

        I’ve heard of that Lilypad Rainbows in Space, cool!

        I gotta be honest, Chris Hemsworth is lovely, but the Thor movies felt a bit off….I may have nodded off a bit here and there…so no clue here either!

      • I feel that way about all the Marvel movies. They’re all just way too long and busy, and when I’m supposed to be wowed (like, say, the big fight scene at the end of the Avengers) I’m usually just bored. My husband falls asleep at the exact same part every time we try to watch it. And Thor’s pretty and all, but dang, bro, you’re duller than Captain America. How can a godhammer-wielding deity be SOOOO boring?

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