Double Bubble

Bubble Bottle

YOU GUYS, I am beyond excited for this post! And why exactly am I so excited? Because that bottle of perfume I’m clutching up there, Demeter’s Mr. Bubble-scented cologne, is the first free/for-your-consideration item I’ve been sent in my fledgling blogging career, and I’m just as pleased as punch! I’ve seen other beauty bloggers tag their posts with casual disclaimers that they were sent this, that and the other thing for unbiased review, and I always think they’re so blasé about it. If that were me, I’d be screaming my good fortune from the rooftops – wherever you are in the world, you’d hear my whooping cries. And while I am a (former) student of journalism, and therefore well versed in the concept of honest, uncompromising review, I’m a beauty buff who just got her first freebie, and that’s just aces in my books. So I suppose that’s my not-so blasé disclaimer right there: I’m friggin’ excited, and a total lack of bias is probably not something you’re going to find here!

First, however, and perhaps most importantly as it pertains to the discussion of bias, I’ll note that this bottle of Mr. Bubble cologne was NOT sent to me for traditional smell-and-wear review. Rather, I was asked to recall and recount a memory of Mr. Bubble, the soap, which if you’re at all familiar with this blog and my writing style, is right up my alley. Moreover, I was not sent this perfume from Demeter itself, but rather through CBB, or Canadian Beauty Bloggers, an online networking resource for Canuck bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers. As a small side note, my involvement with CBB has proven quite beneficial, and not just because of opportunities for product reviews like this one – CBB also offers up a number of beauty and blogging tips and tricks, tons of opportunities for cross-promotion, and they nurture an active and friendly Facebook community of helpful, like-minded beauty buffs. A truly terrific resource for the Canadian beauty blogger.


Secondly, a quick word about Demeter, a company I have been brand loyal to for some 15 years now – their perfumes are awesome. And while I personally am not completely sold on this fragrance, as my scent preferences err towards the edible, I can attest that, like the other five or six Demeter perfumes I’ve bought, Mr. Bubble is long-lasting, scent-true and complex – even their singular scents, like Sugar Cookie or Pomegranate, have distinct layers, and Mr. Bubble is no exception. It’s airy, fruity and a touch floral – lovely if that’s your thing. Best of all, it’s really nice to see a company that you’ve supported for so many years keep on keepin’ on, and well at that – I hope to be writing about Demeter in another 15 years’ time.

But for now, let’s flash BACK 15 years to a university-aged Sandra, fresh off her first visit to a Lush store. I was too, too excited to Lush it up and had, in fact, a mile-long list of must-have items – hand cut soaps, bath bombs and the like. Then I entered the store and was hit with what I call THE WALL OF LUSH. C’mon, you know that smell; it’s really quite distinct. Some people love the all-fruit, all-herb, all-essential oil smell of Lush, but I simply cannot abide it. And so I was exceptionally disappointed to discover that, to me at least, all of Lush’s pricey products smell like that one all-encompassing WALL OF LUSH, no matter the delicious-sounding description on the label. I left the store empty-handed and grumpy – I had major bath plans that evening, and stinky, expensive Lush was harshing my buzz. Then later on that afternoon, as I was working my cashier’s job at a local grocery store, a giant, inexpensive and yummy-smelling bottle of peaches and cream Mr. Bubble came across my cash. At the time I was a bit of a foolish beauty snob – I’d equate a product’s worth with its retail price, which is not fair to the Mr. Bubbles of the world. And so I decided to give Mr. Bubble the bath time shot it deserved, and you know what? It was totally awesome. Giant, soft piles of peachy-smelling suds, and the sweet satisfaction of knowing I wasn’t paying an arm and a leg for the privilege. Plus, at the end of my bath I didn’t smell like the floor of a chill tent at Burning Man. 😉

I haven’t taken a bath for relaxation in years (I’m thoroughly Team Shower) but this fun little exercise has me adding a bottle of Mr. Bubble to this week’s grocery list. It’s been a while, and it would be nice to be reacquainted again. In the meantime, though, I’m content with confining the Mr. Bubble to my pulse points, and my nails, like this manicure featuring one of my favourite lacquers, Polish Me Silly’s pink, blue and white matte glitter, Mr. Bubble. Double the Bubble for your bath time fun!

Bubble Polish Bottle

10 thoughts on “Double Bubble

  1. How exciting! I feel I would react exactly the same way you are, should I ever receive a press sample for review purposes. It’s great that you received something so unique, as well. I confess that I don’t really recall what Mr. Bubble smells like, though I’m sure I used it at some point during my childhood.

    • Thanks so much! And I’m *still* all excited. I was contemplating giving it away, as the smell is not quite me (it’s very light, a little powdery, a little fruity, a little floral, a little soapy? Yeah, that’s it – sort of an unidentifiable, but pleasant, soapy smell) but I think this might be one of those “first dollar bills earned” kind of situations – I want to hang on to this one for posterity!

  2. Congrats on your first freebie! I have bittersweet memories of Mr. Bubble. I LOVED bubble baths, but I was allergic to Mr. Bubble 😥 every year as a kid growing up (probably until the age of 10-11) I would hope that I’d gotten over the allergy, but nope 😦

    • Oh no, that sucks! I have a big sensitivity (probably an actual allergy, but I haven’t been tested) to Tide laundry soap. Yeesh, it brings all the itching to the yard! I’m sorry you and Mr. Bubble aren’t sympatico – hopefully the perfume doesn’t have the same allergy-producing stuff in it? Although probably…

  3. AH! I am so glad that the CBB could be a part of your first press sample experience. I absolutely love the matching manicure, I cant believe you had a Mr Bubble nail polish. HOW PERFECT. Demeter does make some great scents–Sugar Cookie is a favourite of mine!

    • Thanks very much, Zoe – it was a really fun little “beauty experiment” to participate in. 🙂 I ADORE that Mr. Bubble polish, too, it’s so perfect and looks like little scrubby bubbles (not to be confused with Scrubbing Bubbles, which ouch?)

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