Matte About Polka Dots (31DC2015)


Lots of dotting tool work going on in these very Cath Kidston nails that are my entry towards day 11’s theme of polka dots in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.

So here’s a bit of a non-sequitur: When I went over to Google to confirm the spelling of English housewares designer Cath Kidston’s name, it suggested that I also search for Orla Kiely (English handbag designer, sure), Laura Ashley (another designer, right, right) and…Rudyard Kipling? As in the author who wrote The Jungle Book and the poem Gunga Din? Did Rudyard Kipling live some sort of secret double life where he was a short-listed poet laureate in one and a textiles designer in the other? I have so many questions now, none of which were covered in my English literature classes in university! To the dubious “experts” on Wikipedia then? 😉


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