Fashionably Floral (31DC2015)

Floral Hand

I’m finger-sashaying down the runways of New York Fashion Week with this floral manicure that draws inspiration from a dress in designer Monique Lhuillier’s spring/summer collection. The dress itself is an adorable little thing – all delicate lace overlayed with a peppering of vibrantly hued daisies. You can see a photo of its loveliness here, courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Go Fug Yourself.

To get that lacy, embroidered look, I began by laying down three light coats of a sheer white jelly. Once that dried, I painted on a random assortment of squiggles, swirls, dots and dashes with a basic white creme. After allowing that to dry thoroughly, I then brushed on two more coats of the white jelly, creating a pond manicure. What I was aiming to mimic was the soft, lacy quality of the dress’s white fabric – it’s not a plain, stark white; it very much has its own texture and design, separate and apart from the floral embellishments. Then for those embellishments themselves, I brushed on a smattering of smudgy little flowers in a bouquet of hothouse colours, perfect for day 14’s theme of floral nails in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.

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