Goldy Locks (31DC2015)

Goldy Locks Hand

Well, lock and key. These very Tiffany-esque nails, which are my belated entry towards day eight’s theme of metallics in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, are a great example of the products used influencing the final manicured result. I had initially just thought to lay the little lock and key charms, which I purchased from Daily Charme, over a simple glitter. I then thought how much they looked like Tiffany’s Return to Tiffany lockets and keys (available in an assortment of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.) That then made me think that maybe I should be laying my charms down on a Tiffany blue background, which in my polish collection is Nails Inc.’s little blue box-hued Royal Botanical Gardens. Finally, I decided to add a nice little hit of metallic glitter to my index finger, pinkie and thumb in the form of KB Shimmer’s Toast-ess with the Mostest, a silver, gold and rose gold glitter bomb that I think looks like a smashed jewelry counter in a bottle. And just like that, another challenge mani locked down. 😉

Goldy Locks Bottle

6 thoughts on “Goldy Locks (31DC2015)

  1. Such a great combination! I would probably not thought to use this base with this glitter, but it is really so good…..And the “smashed jewelry counter” is such a good descriptive image!

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