I Be-Leaf!

Be-Leaf Bottle

In a few days time it will be Fall proper, and what better way to usher in that gorgeous, fiery season than with this absolutely beautiful and beautifully festive glitter? This little stunner is KB Shimmer’s Leaf of Faith, a polish from last year’s Fall collection that somehow managed to escape my notice. Or, more accurately, I noticed it, decided I didn’t need it, then decided I did need it, at which point it promptly went out of stock until THIS Fall (“need” being a totally relative term, of course.) I picked up this leafy beauty from Harlow & Co., along with a couple of other selections from this year’s Halloween collection.

But back to Leaf of Faith. Oh my gosh, this polish is GORGEOUS! Like two of my other favourite KB polishes, punch-hued Belle of the Mall and kelly green Get Clover It, Leaf of Faith is a jelly-based glitter. I love these kinds of lacquers, because they give the look of a jelly sandwich manicure straight out of the bottle, with tons of depth, shine and much-desired “squishiness.” The formula on these polishes is likewise awesome, applying smoothly in three light coats, with no weird glitter bunch. Gosh, that sounds like a horrible affliction, doesn’t it – glitter bunch? 🙂

Be-Leaf Fingers 2

Speaking of, the glitter in Leaf of Faith – red, gold and orange in an assortment of holographic hexes – is suspended in a lush, merlot-hued jelly that deepens it to a gorgeous, perfectly burnished smattering of crunchy leaves. A truly stunning polish – be-leaf that.

Be-Leaf Fingers 1

9 thoughts on “I Be-Leaf!

    • Thank you for noticing! It’s a little thing, but I really like to keep my manis tidy. The really annoying truth is that practice makes perfect. I’m, like, 1,000 manis in now – you just figure out how to steadily hold a brush after a while. But tips and tricks? Well, you don’t want to swamp your nails with polish, but I find if there’s not enough polish on your brush, things can get messy fast – it dries out, drags off glitter, lumps up. Most decent polishes self-level pretty well, so if you’ve got a bit of extra on your nails, it will smooth itself out and not look all lumpy and bumpy. Other than that and a steady hand, I ALWAYS clean up around the edges of my nails and cuticles with a tiny little detail brush (an eyeliner brush actually works really well) dipped in acetone, because there’s always some little edge that’s bled into my cuticles or whatever. It just happens – nail polish gets in your everything. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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