Rainbow Juice (With Pulp)

Rainbow Juice Collage

That’s the name of this fairy dusted lacquer from Enchanted Polish. Gotta respect the silly name. Rainbow Juice (With Pulp) is another addition to Enchanted’s line of holographic glitter toppers, this time stuffed with shards of rainbow-throwing holo flakies. These kind of polishes always look their best against darker base polishes, so here I paired it up with KB Shimmer’s midnight blue Soul Deep, which highlights all those beautiful, sparkling rainbows and their, um, pulp.

Rainbow Fingers

In lower lighting, Rainbow Juice looks a bit like shimmer-flecked stone (I initially thought graphite.) But as always with holographic polishes, this one does its best work in the sun, throwing off all kinds of gorgeous, twinkling colours. Not that you would know it from these pictures, regrettably, that are all nicely in focus and therefore, don’t accurately depict what this polish looks like in real life. Which is something a little more in keeping with this image:

Blurry Bottle

One of those weird facts of nail polish life, friends – it never looks as good in photos as it does in real life. I suppose the reverse argument could be made for online dating. πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Juice (With Pulp)

  1. I ordered this and Reign Beau, and they arrived last week. I put them on last Saturday (Reign Beau on all nails and this over it on a couple nails). It held up pretty well all week. It was actually the first time I used Enchanted polishes…I got some the last time they sold on llarowe and I never even opened the boxes, much less the bottles. Not sure why exactly, maybe thought I’d resell someday or something?

    Reign Beau was on the thicker side. I really think this topper is super pretty, I will keep it out and use it on some other colors. I just can’t with plain cremes…lol. Once I discovered holos, it was over for cremes and me!

    I have to redo my nails tonight, I’ve broken a bunch of corners off. I’ll have to shorten them up due to that…can only make my typing marathons for work easier…


    • Oh, Reign Beau – one on my “shoulda” list! Rainbow Juice is quite lovely, but I find it’s a shade too similar to another Enchanted holo topper I have, Instant Galaxy. Actually, they are the same polish, except one has little bits of iridescent blue glitter and the other has iridescent shards.

      I find that Enchanted’s polishes ARE a bit on the thick side, but in a good, almost-one-coater kind of way. I actually did my grandmother’s nails the other day with another Enchanted, and it’s been netting her some serious compliments around the hospice. πŸ™‚

      Marathon typing? I used to be a court reporter (like, the kind that does transcription) so I know marathon typing! What kind do you get up to, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Aww that was nice to paint grandma’s nails, and thoughtful to go with a thick and quick formula… Reign Beau is lovely, but I probably have dupes…how would I not with so many lovely purple holos to my name!?!

        My typing marathons these days are for my telecommunications company. We went through what they call reorganization (layoffs) and we had to move work to new locations. For me specifically, it involved driving 140 miles round trip each day for six days to do a week of training and floor support, and ever since, running a chat room type environment to answer all their questions about the new work. Been a long rough and tough road, for all…others had to fly to another state to train/support. And of course, others were “re-org’d” away to other positions or teams, or to unemployment line…

        So when I am MIA, that’s why. Too tired those nights to comment or even read….get out those tiny violins!!!! πŸ˜›

      • Oh wow, that sounds like a crazy stressful workload. I *was* actually just wondering where you might have gone off to last night when these messages came in, but now I know – up to yer eyeballs in work. Ugh, I’m sorry you’re swamped – that’s never a fun feeling.

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