Ring Pops

Ring Pops Bottle

If these super vibrant nails weren’t enough of an indication, it would seem I’m not quite ready to let go of the summer just yet. Which is sort of odd for me – I’m very much a Fall person. But my nails are rebelling against the darker hues that dominate the lacquered landscape at this time of year, and have been calling out for bigger, bolder, brighter (quite the active life my nails have, what with all the rebelling and demanding.) So I thought I’d appease them with another Candy Lacquer glitter bomb, this time a lush, neon-hued beauty by the name of Ring Pops. Ring Pops is a super cool mix of neon rainbow glitter in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures – there’s some satin matte glitter in here, as well as traditional matte and a smattering of see-through glass glitter. The various shapes of glitter are likewise awesome – bars, hexes, circles, squares, diamonds, stars, rings and – a Finger Candy first – little gems! It’s adorable.

Ring Pops Fingers

Candy Lacquer is one of those indies that, for reasons that totally baffle me, fly nearly completely under the radar. I’m always amazed that they don’t get the mega attention they deserve. Their products are lovingly made and gorgeously unique, and every lacquerista should be singing their praises from the rooftops. But for now, I’d settle for you simply popping by and checking out some of Candy Lacquer’s awesome polishes, like this one, here. You never know what fingernail fun you’ll find.

Ring Pops Hand

13 thoughts on “Ring Pops

    • How is that possible?! Actually, I know how it’s possible – they are SO awesome, but they also really fly under the radar, and so few people know they’re actually out there. Candy Lacquer are the first indie I ever bought from. That was two years ago and I still use those polishes all the time.

      • I’ll be honest, I never really got into indie polishes! I have some A Englands, and that’s all. I think it was partially the shipping that got me at first – since shipping to Canada is so pricy and most brands are international to me. But I have no real excuse now, since we have good online options here. I’ll definitely check out Candy! πŸ˜€

      • I’m Canadian, too, and yup, I am so with you on shipping costs – us hosers are getting hosed, man. Plus, there’s just some weird stuff that occasionally goes on in the indie world (the Mentality thing, for instance) – can’t blame you for being gun shy. I don’t know if you’re at all familiar with Harlow & Co., but they’re a stocklist run out of Canada (Mississauga, I think) and they carry a ton of indie and international brands, PLUS there’s free shipping within Canada. They also ship lightning fast – like, two days within Canada? I’d recommend them if you’d like to try some indie lines without getting whupped on stupid shipping costs.

      • Haha, I don’t know why it totally slipped my mind that you’re Canadian! Duh!

        Yes, I know about Harlow & Co, but haven’t tried them out yet. Previously I got my A Englands from NailPolishCanada. I was definitely going to get my next AEs from Harlow, just to try them out – thanks for letting me know they’re great! πŸ™‚ I’ll have to try out some other indie brands, too.

  1. “But my nails are rebelling against the darker hues that dominate the lacquered landscape at this time of year, and have been calling out for bigger, bolder, brighter (quite the active life my nails have, what with all the rebelling and demanding.) “. — LOL!

    I know it’s technically fall now…I wonder if I will pick darker polishes? I just want to holo all the time (holo all the time, holo allll the tiiiimmmeeeee!), so I hate fall/winter here in Ohio even more now than I used to.

    Not familiar with this indie, at one time I really felt the drive to have polish from all the brands possible, so now I have over 100 brands and a looootttt of polish..

    • Oh heavens, me, too – last year I took all the money I got over the holidays and plowed it straight into nail polish and nail polish-related goodies. I bought everything I ever had my eye on…and *may* have overdone it (there were a few I bought that I may not have had cooler heads been prevailing!)

      I love holos so much, so you and I are in the same boat on that one. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was before I bought one, and then I needed to buy all of them. I actually find that they make great polishes for use in nail art – they come with their own built-in shading and highlighting.

      I think Ohio winters look a lot like our winters here in Ontario – lemme guess, snow-covered fields, bit of ice, slush, that crusty salt-snow that builds up along the sides of the road?

      • Oh yeah all that, though I remember milder winters in my young adult years. But it’s the overcast skies that get me. Even more now thanks to holos… :(….

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