Tools of the Trade

Rainbow Tools All

When it comes to my nails, I’m really not much of a gearhead. Here at Finger Candy HQ, we take a remarkably low key approach to the “stuff beyond the polish” – one pair of nippers, tweezers, a cuticle pusher and a single glass nail file compromise the entirety of my toolkit. More than that, though, what is there is not of the greatest quality – bits and pieces I cobbled together from cheapy gifted sets.

So when KB Shimmer recently released a gorgeous set of chromatic rainbow tools – nippers, two types of tweezers and a cuticle pusher – I jumped at the chance to round out my kit with some quality nail care implements that just so happen to be eight shades – literally! – of colour-shifting, chromatic goodness. Let’s take a closer look at some of these pretties, shall we?

Rainbow Nippers

A quality set of nippers – an implement that’s sort of a cross between pliers and scissors, meant to nip away hangnails and ragged cuticles – is, to my mind, the most important tool in any nail artist’s arsenal. This set has a solid, taut spring, excellent heft and a cutting edge so sharp, it could carry out open heart surgery on a gnat. Also, when I hold it just so, it looks like one of the terrifying underground cannibal critters from the seminal Vin Diesel film, Pitch Black (hush now, that movie is AWESOME.)

Rainbow Tweezers

KB also released two sets of tweezers, slanted tip and needle nose. I don’t have much use for needle nose tweezers, as I don’t do a lot of charm and other placement work, but given the size of my eyebrows, there will ALWAYS be work for slanted tip tweezers around my house. I also find slanted tips to be a little more sturdy than their needle nose counterparts. These rainbow tweezers are particularly nice, with a good, strong edge for picking up the tiniest of things.

Rainbow Cuticle Pusher

Finally, we have the implement my husband has been referring to as my “fancy new rainbow-plated murder weapon.” Like, for real – LOOK at this thing. It’s damn scary! And it doesn’t help matters when I hold it comme ca:

Rainbow Murder Weapon

This double-ended AND double-edged tool is a cuticle pusher on one end and a freakin’ ice pick on the other (I think it’s actually just a general cleaner-upper, but I can’t shake the feeling I just bought the REAL Mr. Pointy.) Fun to note: Despite these tools shipping from Canada to Canada (within the same province, actually), my package was opened, this item in particular, and inspected by the fine folks at Canada Post. I really hope they tried out the cuticle pusher, because it is a great one – it looks like it would be all sharp edges, but the rainbow-coated metal is nicely rounded and smooth.

You can find these three nail care tools and their absentee, needle nose friend on KB Shimmer’s site here, as well as through Harlow & Co. here.

15 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. Whoa, that is some goooorgeous stuff! 😀 SHINY.

    Pitch Black is one of my fave sci-fi movies, ever.

    I also don’t have too many nail tools – might have to check these out, though, ’cause pretty.

    I have actually performed something close to open-heart surgery on a gnat, btw. 😀

      • LOL! I spent a summer during uni removing the testicles from male fruit flies, using tweezers under a microscope. It sounds ludicrous but that part of a male fruit fly is ginormous, relatively speaking.

      • Bahahahahaha! Oh, that is SO much better an explanation than I thought it was going to be! That is FASCINATING. Aannnndddd now I need more information – why exactly were you de-nutting fruit flies? 😉

      • Well, that’s certainly the most reasonable explanation (although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed – I was hoping I’d find out that, like, national secrets hinge on the genitalia of fruit flies. Bummer, man.) 😉 Still, you do live in interesting times!

  2. Sooo much happening here…pretty tools…Vin Diesel…eyebrows…’Mr Pointy’……
    But then, the comments…man…LOL!

    • Ha! Yes, I can find all sorts of fun ways to work complete non-sequiturs into any conversation, particularly if they apply to Vin Diesel. Preferably Vin Diesel in the shower. Come on, I’m not the only one thinking it!

      • Oddly enough, I saw some paparazzi photo of him today with his shirt off and…weirdly soft? I mean, I am SO not for the big and bulgy, but when I am, I like it to stay big and bulgy, you know? (Oh good grief, this entire conversation took a turn for the perverted somewhere!)

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