Tissue? I Don’t Even Know You! (31DC2015)

Tissue Hand

Wah waaaahhhhh. 😉

These matte, floral, dotted and doodled nails are my entry towards day 15’s theme of a delicate print in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge (yes, it’s the 23rd of September and I’m back on the 15th.) More like a delicate pain in my ass, because it took three attempts to get to this point, and I’m still not sure I’m satisfied, but THAT’LL DO, PIG, THAT’LL DO.

Anyhow, my first attempts were of two totally different designs, neither of which photographed well at all – it would seem even the daintiest of prints need some vibrancy, or else the entire design just fades into the background. Then yesterday I was visiting with my grandmother, Queen of the Tissues (but what granny isn’t, really?) and spotted a beautiful Kleenex box, of all things, bearing a similar print and colour scheme. Sold! It also seemed quite fitting to top the whole works with a matte topcoat – the softness it imparts works so nicely with a tiny print.


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