Red Carpet Fashion (31DC2015)

Emmy Hand

Last Sunday’s Emmys brought all the usual fashion choices to the yard (and Gwenyth’s, like, “My cape’s better than yours.”) Mostly, I find that award show red carpets bring the beautifully predictable – the naked dress, the gossamer ballgown, the men’s-style pantsuit, the jewel-toned mermaid. I may have just described nearly all of the outfits that made their way down the Emmys red carpet last week – pretty, but also pretty boring.

There was one dress, though, by designer Naeem Khan and worn by Ellie Kemper (of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is so weird and irreverent and sweet and funny and why are you not watching it on Netflix right now?) that I just adored, and so I chose it as the inspiration for these nails that I did in service of day 25’s theme of fashion in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. Ellie Kemper is just the cutest, pluckiest thing ever (I can’t help but think that in real life she and Kimmy are actually quite a lot alike) but she sells the hell out of this slinky, 1970s-style number – the tailoring is exquisite, and she carries what has to be a 30 pound dress with admirable ease (all those sequin chevrons = heavy.) You can see a photo of the dress (and Ellie Kemper!) here, once again courtesy of the fine ladies of Go Fug Yourself (who were likewise wowed – hard not to be; this dress is fabulous, and I think these nails are, too!)

Emmy Fingers Sun

6 thoughts on “Red Carpet Fashion (31DC2015)

    • Thank you – that’s awesome of you to say (and notice!) I love Go Fug Yourself so much – been reading them forever, it feels like. I really like how they can comment on a really horrible outfit or whatever without being total jerks about it.

  1. Excellent inspiration! I am drawn to the very bottom of the dress with the blues, but if the whole dress had been those tones, it would’ve come off like denim strips but sequin-y…probably not the desired look…

    • I love the blue bits down at the bottom, but I love how unexpectedly colourful it is all over, just tempered by all that shimmery nude fabric in between. An all blue version has me thinking about that denim-on-denim outfit Britney Spears (her again?) and Justin Timberlake wore to an award show back when they were dating! Denim formal wear is underrated, man.

      • LOL yahhssss I was thinking of the same JT/BS denim outfits when I was typing that comment…I love them for that, forever! Just unforgettable, in all the good and bad ways 😀

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