Attack the Block (31DC2015)

Attack the Block Collage

NO ONE f**ks with The Block, ya hear? Oh my gosh, you guys, I loveity love love Attack the Block, a British creature feature released in 2011 to tons of critical acclaim and regrettably little fanfare. Starring a bunch of foul mouthed and nearly unintelligible kids you’ve never heard of (excepting John Boyega, who is probably best known these days as “the black Stormtrooper” from the new Star Wars films), Attack chronicles one chaotic night in one of London’s most impoverished and dangerous East End neighbourhoods and the mini gangbangers who rule its streets. Or ruled – the power structure that governs the cluster of low income towers known as The Block gets upended mightily one night when aliens descend and the boys go on the defensive.

Oh man, and the aliens themselves are SOOOOO well done. I respect the crap out of practical special effects in film, and but for a little CGI polish, the eyeless, loping, needle-toothed, alien-gorilla-wolf-motherf**kers are 100 percent dude-in-a-suit, and I freaking LOVE IT. So when day 23’s theme in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge called for nails inspired by a movie, I decided to get my own brand of practical effect on and honoured the B-L-O-C-K (*brruup brruup!*) with these nails that, like the movie monsters that inspired them, have actual blue, glow-in-the-dark teeth. I am so proud of this perfect little touch, I wanna tool up, grab my bangers and hit Ron’s weed room. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or perhaps I’ll settle for another viewing – it’s been a while. A small note for newbies, though: Turn on the subtitles. Unless you speak degenerate East End shithead, you’ll be lost.


7 thoughts on “Attack the Block (31DC2015)

  1. I’m so uncool, I’ve never heard of Attack the Block! I’m going to have to seek it out, ha! (with subtitles… that reminds me when I tried to read Trainspotting – omg wtf were they saying?!)
    I love glow in the dark nail polish! I think I’ve since gotten rid of all mine but I feel like I need one in my life again.

    • I’m not sure how much coolness has to do with it – it was released in so few theatres and made, like, $3 US, I’m not surprised people missed it. But! It’s on Netflix right now, so lucky you, if you have it, you can get caught up! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I ADORE the glowy blue polish I used for these nails (Serum No. 5’s Blue Blazes) and I’d love to buy another bottle or two, but the Canadian stocklist that carries them hasn’t restocked it and I just can’t with Serum’s shipping charges – they’re firmly in the stupid zone.

      I also have no idea what anyone was saying in Trainspotting. The soundtrack for that movie is AMAZING, but I can’t say I liked it very much.

  2. Heh well if I thought I knew what that movie was, I was wrong.

    We use subtitles all the time, I guess I am old. But I got tired of saying “what did they say?” to my husband. And sometimes they are wrong, even entertainingly so, and that’s when I am happy I can still hear … LOL!

    Scary nails, super good!!!!

    • Subtitles rule, except when they don’t – like when there’s heavy slang (like in Attack the Block) and whoever did the captioning just. doesn’t. get. it. But I live in a condo apartment, and since sound mixes can be so horribly all over the place, it’s nice to be able to at least read what’s going on without annoying the shit out of my neighbours.

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